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Certificate Courses

18 Feb 2009
EP Basics : From Concepts to Practice
Section 1 Cellular Electrophysiology and Autonomics in Arrhythmogenesis    
  Role of Autonomics Dysfunction in Arrhythmogenesis 1.2MB PDF
Section 2 EP Studies : EGM Interpretations. Stimulation Protocols & Troubleshooting    
  Fundamentals of EGM Interpretation and Rhythm Analysis 4.0MB PDF
  Basic Stimulation Protocols and Electrophysiologic Evaluations 2.6MB PDF
  Troubleshooting Problems in the EP Lab and Practice Cases 8.2MB PDF
Section 3 SVT Substrates and Diagnosis in the EP Lab    
  AV Node Independent SVT : Substrates, Mechanisms and Recognition 1.2MB PDF
  AV Node Dependent SVT : Substrates, Mechanisms and Recognition 5.2MB PDF
Section 4 Practical Approaches to VT Pathophysiology and Ablation    
  Workshop : Mapping and Ablation Approaches for Difficult "VT" 3.8MB PDF
  VT Pathophysiology, Substrates and Mechanisms 4.6MB PDF
  Indentifying the Anatomical Origin of VT : ECG Correlation and Entrainment 11.8MB PDF
Section 5 Anatomy, Fluoroscopy, Radiation Safety in the EP Lab    
  Understanding Radiation Physics and Safety Considerarions in the EP Lab 0.4MB PDF
19 Feb 2009
Device Therapy in Cardiac Rhythm Management
Section 1 Basics of Cardiac Pacing    
  Evolving Indications for Pacing : From Heart Block to Heart Failure 1.2MB PDF
  Understanding Hemodynamics of Pacing Modes 5.6MB PDF
  Basics of Pacemaker Timing Cycles & Diagnostics : Uses & Interpretations 3.2MB PDF
  Rate Adaptive Pacing : Sensors and Programming Approaches 6.6MB PDF
Section 2 Advanced Pacemaker Programming and Troubleshooting    
  Workshop : Case Studies of Complex Pacemaker Troubleshooting 9.4MB PDF
  Recognition and Management of Pacemaker Mediated Tachyardia 2.1MB PDF
Section 3 Advanced Pacemaker Programming Features    
  Right Ventricular Pacing : The Evidence and Ways to Optimize for Patients 6.3MB PDF
  Atrial Arrhythmia Detection, Prevention and Therapy Algorithms : How Do They Work ? 1.0MB PDF
  Understanding Automatic Timing Features and Using Them 6.2MB PDF
Section 4 ICD : Basics and Beyond    
  Single VS Tiered Therapy : When and For Whom ? 2.3MB PDF
  Workshop : Case-Based Approach of ICD Troubleshooting 5.4MB PDF
  ICD Diagnostics : Making the Most of Them 2.6MB PDF
  Discrimination Algorithms : How Do They Work ? 1.4MB PDF
Section 5 Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy    
  CRT in Heart Failure : Emerging Concepts and Clinical Insights into Reverse Remodeling 5.0MB PDF
  When You Need to Know About CRT Programming and Optimization 5.8MB PDF
20 Feb 2009
Allied Professional Sessions
Section 1 Basic Course on Clinical Trials Research    
  Understanding Basics of Research Study Designs 86KB PDF
  Design Principles and Phases of a Clinical Trial 0.7MB PDF
  Data Analysis and Interpretation 0.2MB PDF
Section 2 Remote Monitoring : Good or Bad ?    
  Management of Device Advisories through Remote Monitoring 2.8MB PDF
  Practical and Impractical Applications of Remote Monitoring 0.3MB PDF
  Advances in Remote Monitoring : From telephone Transmitter to Blue Tooth Technology 2.3MB PDF
Section 3 Practical Tips in ECG Interpretation    
  ECG Interpretation Fundamentals and Arrhythmia Recognition Principles 0.3MB PDF
  Understanding ECG Features in ARVD, Long QT and Brugada Syndrome 4.5MB PDF
21 Feb 2009
Allied Professional Sessions
Section 1 Principles of Electronics EP and Devices    
  Principles and Applications of Electrical Circuits and Signal Theories in EP 1.3MB PDF
  Fundamental Electrical Relationships : Ohms Law, Strength Duration Curve, Resistances 5.7MB PDF
Section 2 Management of Complex Arrhythmia Patients in ICU or ER    
  Breaking the toxic cycle of CHFAF- CHF 10MB PDF
  Arrhythmias in the critically ill ICU patients: Approach for rapid recognition & management 15MB PDF
Section 3 Conscious Sedation in EP    
  Review of Drugs Used in IV Conscious Sedation and Their Possible Electrophysiology Effects 0.1MB PDF
  Monitoring Patient Outcome and Safety 0.2MB PDF
  Practical Workshop on Conscious Sedation 9.6MB PDF
Section 4 Heart Failure Pathophysiology and Management Update 2009    
  Biventricular Interactions in Acquired and Congenital Cardiacmypathies 3.0MB PDF
  Understanding clinical and functional measures of CHF 2.1MB PDF
Section 5 AFib : Ablation and Patient Management Issues    
  Patient Care and Monitoring Issues to Prevent Procedural Complications 4.8MB PDF


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